What is the initial investment?
New store costs range between $300,000 – $500,000 plus GST. This includes the initial franchise fee, shop fit-out costs, equipment, 14 days training and legal fee.Which sites are available? Can I choose the location?
At the time that you submit your Dessert Story Application Form, it is likely that we will either have sites available which have been secured or are in the lease negotiation stage. You may nominate a location to us.There are likely to be two options from which you can choose:
•Option 1: A secured site with Dessert Story
•Option 2: Nominate your own site on your Application Form or during the Franchise Recruitment process. If the site is available and considered to be suitable by Dessert Story, we will consider your application with your preferred site.

What does it take to financially qualify?
Each applicant will be assessed on its financial standing on a case by case basis. As a guide, applicants will be required to have unencumbered funds (ie. cash) of at least 50% of the total investment. You will need to organise your own finance. Please see your bank for pre-approval prior to formally expressing interest in a Dessert Story franchise.

What ongoing fees are payable?
A service fee of 6% plus GST and the marketing levy of 2% plus GST. These fees are paid weekly and are calculated against the gross turnover of the store.
You will also be responsible for all rental and other payments relating to the site.

How much money can I make if I purchase a new Dessert Story store?
The amount of profit to be made is dependent on many things, including store location, rent and the attitude and the drive of the franchisee. Applicants will be required to submit a business plan and cash flow budget on the store of their choice to forecast future profitability.

What is Dessert Story looking for in a franchisee?
While running a Dessert Story store is an enjoyable experience, it’s also a serious decision to take on the responsibilities of running your own business. We are looking for people who want to join our team which is committed to providing the values of Dessert Story