Extending Our Presence

The strength Dessert Story concept and branding has attracted enquiries from many parties from around the world. The attractions of Dessert Story lies in our unique way of bring the Asian Dessert Culture in a modern twist in a consistent manner and presented in our distinct warm comfortable ambience.

Dessert Story Master Franchisee

Dessert Story is looking for Master Franchisee candidates with a vision to operate at least 5 stores over their first two years and subsequently consistent growth every year.

Master Franchisee not only get to enjoy own store profit, but also earns income from a share of up-front fees and as well as ongoing royalties from individual sub-franchises within its franchised territories.


Master Franchisee candidates are required to have F&B experiences and equity to fund the expansion and growth
If you fullfil the above minimum requirement, please fill the International franchise application form.